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BOAS Qualification for Preston Two

Board24 would like to congratulate two employees from our Preston site who have recently been awarded with certification for their BOAS Qualification. Peter Fenwick and Colin Threadgould completed an extensive course through Byworth Boilers in Bradford, who are a certified company within the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA). Peter Fenwick has been with the company since February 2016 as an Engineering Supervisor and completed the managers course. Colin Threadgould, who is a weekend engineer, has been with the company since September 2010 and completed the operators course.

Peter and Colin took part in a two day training course at Byworth Boilers HQ. A minimum requirement of an application for the BOAS qualification requires a six month period of working on boilers in the work place. This requires gathering evidence of working on the boilers via the means of carrying out routine checks, testing boiler safety systems in operation, risk assessments, safe systems of work and proving compliance with BG 01, which is the standard for UK industrial boiler houses.

Following at least six months experience of working in an industrial boiler house, there is a two day course, including an exam, before a one week course involving four written and one verbal examination. For Peter, he had to take five exams and one verbal examination within the managers course. Once passed an application for the qualification can begin. The exam results and evidence are then sent to the CEA for marking and audit.

The individual effort that went into the qualification process was clear to see and all their hard work has most definitely paid off with certificates achieved in; ‘Diploma in Boiler plant Operation Management’ (DipBOM) and a ‘Certified Industrial Boiler Operative’ (CertIBO). The certification lasts for five years before a refresher is due to continue to hold the qualification.

Picture: Peter and Colin

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