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Efficiency Improvements Realised in Preston as Output Increases

Board 24 Factory

A change to a three-shift system at Board24 in Preston, that saw productivity more than double going from 1,100 units to 2,500 units in each 24-hour period, has necessitated further productivity improvements to support the increased capacity.

The shift system was implemented to cope with demand as corrugated material continues to be a primary choice of packaging material wherever possible due to its environmental and sustainability credentials. And, after it was introduced it became evident that further improvements needed to be made to cope with output. As a result, a materials handling study was undertaken to ascertain the most appropriate way to utilise the space available and improve efficiencies.

“We have a very efficient site at Preston and it was about making small changes to ensure that we all the available space was utilised in the best way possible,” said Eric Marshall Operations Manager Board24 Preston. “The changes we have made have decreased down time in our finished goods area ensuring a smooth and speedy transition of goods from our production line, to finished goods and onwards to despatch.”

Changes included extended the trailer park up to the boundary line of the site and this is due for completion by the end of 2019. A fourth strapping line has been installed which has had a significant impact on workflow and in 2019 a building extension and additional pallet line will be introduced.

“Significant changes such as moving to three shifts have been entirely positive for Board24 and these additional changes within the site will enable us to maintain our high levels of customer service and employee satisfaction,” said Eric. “2019 will see production levels and output driven forward and knowing that we have exemplary production efficiencies will mean we are well placed to cope with the challenge and exciting times ahead.”

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