Calculator Updates to Aid Our Customers


How can we increase the speed of your route to market? Our casemaker calculator is live to provide you with all our case making capabilities within a very simple tool. Recently we have improved and refined our cases and sheet calculators further to ensure they can provide greater value to our customers.

If you are a current customer, you will fully understand the quality of our product and have full confidence in deliveries to your expectation. All provided with a personable and highly attentive service team.

Board24’s sheet board calculator is designed to assist customers to find optimum sheet board sizes and quantities. The calculator considers the minimum order quantity and feasibility of the order, helping to reduce waiting times on enquiries, providing earlier pricing based on best fit as well as quicker pricing feedback.

The Casemaker Calculator allows customers to choose paper grade, flute profile, and Fefco style. It informs customers if Board24 can produce a specific case size, while showing board24’s combined Fefco style which is an easy reference for customers to use.

Both calculators were created to help you, allowing the commercial departments to provide the soonest pricing and service. This facilitates Board24 in increasing their customer service capacity and continuing to be the best low-cost volume manufacturers of glued cases and sheet board to the trade.

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