Cases24 Capabilities


Our casemakers are capable of three colour print and rotary die cutting for Shelf Ready Packaging, E-commerce and handle holes. Case size manufacturing varies from small ecommerce cases, such as 6” cube, up to 24x18x18 and beyond.

Self-locking bases are available, with numerous styles and designs to save cost on tape. Case perforations are suggested to be in the market leading Speedi-FlareTM style, other perforation styles are available. Combined with the quality of flood print we can achieve, Cases24 are able to supply stand out cases.

Flute Types​

The flutes that make up the wavy part of corrugated board form an arch, providing strength, whilst being lightweight. The dimensions of the flutes can be varied to change the properties of the board, allowing it to be used in many ways and formations, perfect for cases which are stacked, stored and transported.

With an extensive portfolio of single or double wall sheets, eight flute types and a wide selection of paper types, we endeavour to find the right combination for your cases.

Flutes Available: B, C, E, M, MB, BC, EB

Case Styles

We are best suited with 0201s, a standard FEFCO style, which are hugely versatile in size to suit your products. These are the most widely used cases as they are sturdy, cost effective, easy to store and assemble.

We can also manufacture 0200, 0202, 0203, 0205, 0209 and 0216 styles of cases. The 0216 range are interlocking, hand erect boxes that do not require tape. We offer 5 variants; the ideal style for you depends on the weight going into the box, the shape of the box and the supply chain requirements.


Cases24 offer a range of perforation styles to meet individual requirements of your packaging. Capabilities include handholes (fully cut or partial), shelf ready packaging, perforations (Speedi-Flare™ style) and multi depths. Designs offer a clean finish, minimal tear debris, and quick and efficient tearing.

These can be supplied in a choice of board grades to suit varying applications whether it is a clean, easy to open/easy tear pack, or a more secure fixing for transit of heavier items. Adaptable to secure products safely during transit and storage; regardless of size, shape or weight.


Cases24 manufacture and supply flexographic printed packaging to a range of trade customers, offering up to three colour print, flood print, along with gradient and tonal work, providing the perfect solution for brands to promote their products.

Whether you are looking for a simple barcode or something abit more eye catching, we are happy to review any artwork requirements and manage approvals.