Cats Versus Cardboard


If you’ve ever owned a cat then you’ll know that they have a love for cardboard, the popular cat phrase of ‘if it fits, I sits’ can be applied to cardboard boxes. It turns out, according to a new study from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, that cats use boxes for stress relief. So if you’ve ever found your cat curled up in your empty discarded delivery box, it’s most likely so that he can cool down from a situation that’s been over stimulating him.

Due to this revelation we have put together some great ways to introduce corrugated packaging into your feline’s life, to help them de-stress.

Cat House

Turn any simple cardboard into a cat house by cutting out a door in the front of the box, big enough for your cat to fit through.  Add little windows for effect and join the flaps together to create the look of the roof. Consider drawing or painting the house to make it look more like a cosy home for your pet.

Cat Scratching Post

Corrugated packaging makes the ideal cat scratching post, you’ll need a thin wooden pole which you can get very cheaply from most DIY stores – and next you’ll need a lot of cardboard. Cut the cardboard into large squares to create the base and stack them up, then cut up smaller squares and place them on top of each other. Glue the top and bottom of the cardboard to keep the squares in place and present to your cat to enjoy a good scratch.

Cat Fort

A cat fort can be made through using different size boxes, cut holes in using different sizes and shapes (Though big enough for your cat to fit through) and stack the boxes together, using glue to hold them in place. Cut holes in the bottom and top of the stacked boxes so your cats can climb up from within their fort and gives them hours of entertainment as well as having a place of safety that they can retreat to.

Cat Creative

Get creative with your cardboard and make some fun cat cardboard hideaways and let your cat feel safe while unknowingly looking adorable within it. It is easier to use cardboard cartons like cereal boxes to assemble the creations below.