Customer Gift Pack of Goodies


Cases24 have once again kept up with tradition and sent customers a little gift pack for the busiest time of the year to help overcome the challenges that our consumer activity brings. Each year the pack is filled with desk and edible goodies for customers to enjoy.

The box itself also showcases the type of work Cases24 can produce on their in-house casemakers. It was a Fefco 0216 Variant case, which includes less waste than the standard 0216, with an envelope bottom die cut for ease of make up, which ideal for packing lines.

The case was a combination of M flute and white top Kraftliner outer liner to help with the print quality as the box was printed in different green tones to replicate our Cases24 brand colours.

The die cut rule was speedi-tear along the front and sides to allow for a good hold, and an also a clean and easy tear, which works well for this type of application where it is required to remove the top section of the case without damaging the rest of the case.

These packs are always well received by customers, a nice little treat during a busy time and a way of thanking customers for their orders throughout the year.

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