Eurocentral fully operational


Our Eurocentral site is now fully operational and production at our Larkhall site has ceased.

All work has transferred from Larkhall to Eurocentral.     

Eurocentral is a huge milestone in the history of Board24 and corrugated board production in the UK. It is home to the newest corrugator in the country and the latest technologies mean that it is faster, has enhanced capabilities, and can manufacture superior quality materials more efficiently and sustainably particularly important in the ongoing demand for high quality printed packaging.

Capable of producing more than 100 million metres squared per annum, it can manufacture a wide range of flute types including B, C, M, E, BC, MB, and EB.

The site is equipped with the latest state of the art corrugating and materials handling equipment to enable consistency, sustainability, and efficiency through advanced process control systems. The site has been designed to complement the other Board24 sites and uses the same business management systems across the group enabling true contingency for supply between the 3 operating sites.

Our existing Larkhall team has transferred to the new site and will benefit from working in a new site  with modern welfare facilities. We are delighted to retain our skilled, long serving colleagues and they have had a hugely positive impact in making the site fully operation.

Furthermore, the new site will deliver greater energy efficiencies and will generate over 25% less carbon emissions   which is delivered through superior energy efficiency of the new equipment, on site solar PV and significantly less emissions from distribution.

Dominic Drew, Group Managing Director, Board24 commented; “We are very pleased to have Eurocentral up and running and to see the team working on this amazing new corrugator is fantastic.

“My thanks go to the team for their professionalism and positivity in making this happen and we look forward to a long history at Eurocentral.”

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