First Safety Stand Down Day announced across Logson Group


As we continue to improve our Health and Safety culture across the Logson group , the senior leadership team is delighted to announce the inaugural ‘Safety Stand Down’ Day.

Taking place on Wednesday 12th July, all employees across the businesses and sites within Logson Group will be asked to dedicate an hour at some point during their day to undertake hazard observation exercises and site audits to reinforce the message that the health of safety of our operations and work environment is the responsibility of everybody, and to address any issues or challenges as and when they are identified.

David Richardson, CEO, Logson Group commented; “Our teams are incredibly pro-active on all our health and safety related activities, and we commend them for that.

“This day is about making those very small adjustments that can elevate our performance even further and ensuring we educate all team members that health and safety is ever-changing, often from minute to minute as a result of human action.”

Dan Watts, Head of Group Health and Safety, Logson Group commented; “We are looking forward to seeing the positive outcomes from this day and to sharing those outcomes across the group where necessary and applicable. Logson Group has come a long way since the introduction of our We Make it Safe vision, and the leadership teams across the group promote this commitment to continually improve our vision.”

Teams at Board24 (Coalville, Preston and Larkhall) Cases24, Jardin Corrugated Cases, Cardboard Box Company, Red Rose Packaging and Boxes and Packaging (Bristol, Oxford, Swindon, Leicester, Birmingham, Doncaster, Thorne, Manchester, and Merseyside) will all be participating.