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Hi-Tech 5 Year Partnership Develops Print Capability


As with any business, good partnerships are crucial for development and progression. This is no different for Board24, who have been working in partnership with Hi-Tech products for five years. Working together has enabled Board24 to grow and make significant improvements to benefit their customers, as the two businesses share mutual aspirations for future growth.

Hi-Tech Products Ltd, has always known the advantages of measuring and quantifying physical properties of printing inks to help control some of the printing process variables.

Widening the range of tests on inks is a constant focus of Hi-Tech to give their customers a consistent product with measurable specifications. Colour shade and strength, viscosity and many other properties of ink are areas that have in the past been quite subjective. Good – fair, very good, close enough, are words not often used today.

Having worked closely with Board24 to ensure they have inks that perform on press, Hi-Tech were on hand when Board24 wanted to put some numbers to their colours.

Spectrophotometers were used to digitise colour, which then led to a measurable and attainable colour tolerance specification that can be refined over time. Once printers were made aware of what the numbers mean, the influential factors in the printing process e.g. viscosity, board colour, plate design and machine settings, and how they affect the final colour, seemed obvious.

Alex Morris, Board24 Coalville Sales Manager, commented; “With an uncompromising customer print requirement for on shelf presentation of a variety of products. Print quality improvement has been accelerated by Hi-Tech Products, particularly from improving ink technology, lightning service and valuable advice.”

Having Hi-Tech Laboratory Technicians look at box print designs before they go to press has resulted in a greater number of Pro-Tech Transparent inks being used to enhance trap printing and maximise press speeds.

Same day turn-around of colour matchings and ink orders, plus on-site visits of Hi-Tech Technicians for customer print approvals has minimised expensive press downtime. Hi-Tech’s service standard is never in doubt.

Paul Elliott, Board24 Conversion Manager, adds; “Our dedication to ensuring customers receive their cases on the day required flows through our supply chain. Hi-Tech Products have a consistent year round next day service, which is necessary to achieve the customer’s expectations.”

For more details on Hi-Tech Products visit: www.hitechproducts.co.uk