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FSC Friday is an annual celebration of responsible forestry and this year it will take place on Friday 27th September! Anybody can get involved in FSC Friday and the celebrations are international!

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. People all around the world get involved in spreading the word about FSC and responsible forestry, to help raise awareness of the importance of responsible forestry and the FSC logo!

Board24 will again this year be taking part and getting into the spirit of things with a FSC themed cake baking, quiz and FSC coloured dress code for the day. For those who will be visiting the site will also get to see our very own corrugated garden/wood including woodland animals – all made out of FSC cardboard. We’ll also be attempting our very own big ‘art attack’ using materials onsite to spell out FSC to create a great overhead picture.
Why not arrange to visit us on FSC Friday and learn more about how easy it is to order FSC sheet board/boxes and join us in celebrating the importance of the world’s forests!

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