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Board24 sees its third installation project this year take place over the last week. We have once again invested to enhance our equipment to continue to offer our customers an extensive portfolio of cardboard grades and increase our production efficiencies.

Due to the changes within today’s markets, packaging requirements are changing and we are asked to deliver more flexibility than ever before, to provide lighter weight papers and flute combinations, to aid in the development of performance packaging.

To allow us to supply the needs within the corrugated cardboard industry, we have recently installed an AirBond system on Corrugator 1 at the Coalville site. The Air Bond is specifically designed to operate efficiently across all paper, flute and belt ranges.

The AirBond system provides numerous advantages to enable us to develop our product offering in addition to increasing production performance and efficiencies. The Airbond installation provides a variable loading system, zero crush, the ability to run any flute or grade combination, low maintenance and running costs, internal moisture removal capability, reductions in fuel requirements, waste produced and starch consumption.

AirBond provides operators and production teams the best controls to accommodate all paper grades from micro flute lightweight 70gsm up to 440gsm double/ triple wall, giving the ability to increase production to meet the demands of today’s customers.

The installation of the AirBond system has enhanced our equipment in order to improve our product portfolio for our customers, providing benefits such as increased board quality and higher performance from lighter weight papers. With AirBond installed, production can now run at its optimum performance.

Main Advantages of AirBond include:

• Zero Crush.

• Uses Advanced low inertia pressure loading plates.

• Internal moisture removal capability.

• Low maintenance and running costs.

• Reduces energy requirement.

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