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Board24 were delighted to have recently presented 25 year service awards to seven employees across the Coalville and Larkhall sites.

The four members of staff from Coalville are; Dave Hawtin, Andrew Newbold, Ian Savage and Frank Allan. The three employees from Larkhall are Robert Fraser, Steven Kennedy and John Mooney.

These members of staff are all well known and respected colleagues within their roles at Board24, each has provided expert advice and collectively they constitute a depth of knowledge that cannot be under estimated.

Richard Mcbride, Board24 Managing Director commented; “These individuals have dedicated 25 years to Board24 and I would like to personally thank them for being a part of the company’s history and ongoing success.”

The Management team presented staff with a certificate and a lasting gift in recognition of their experience and loyalty. The Long Service Award is a fantastic way to acknowledge the loyalty and hard work of employees and sends a clear signal to staff that their commitment over many years has been extremely highly valued.

Above Picture – Coalville Team:

Front Row: Dave Hawtin, Andrew Newbold, Ian Savage and Frank 1397722254_img-1523Allan

Back Row: Richard McBride, Alex Morris, David Dow and Shawn Summerton.

Side Picture – Larkhall Team:

Front Row: John Mooney, Steven Kennedy and Robert Fraser

Back Row: Gordon MacArthur, Richard McBride and Frank Allan

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