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Peter Stuart

Sales Manager Peter Stuart joined the team at Board24 Preston 18 months ago. When Peter saw the opportunity at Board24, he was looking forward to a new challenge. Despite being the new ‘boy’, Peter soon felt part of the team and was very impressed with Board24 and the Logson Group.

Starting out as an apprentice, where he spent three years at the London College Printing. A carton designer/forme maker by trade, Peter has worked his way through the ranks from supervisor to shift manager, from technical support to sales manager. He spent the first 10 years in the solid board/carton board industry, until he then moved to the world of corrugated and spent 18 years at DS Smith Lockerbie.

Peter developed his technical sales support in his previous role, supporting the sales teams to find the best possible solution for the customer. Peter thoroughly enjoys this aspect of his job, working on a customers’ production lines, alongside their operating teams to understand the challenges and difficulties they face. Being able to identify issues and react positively to problems, ensuring that the root cause is identified and corrective action is put in place to improve customer efficiencies.

Peter has a wealth of knowledge after being in the manufacturing industry for 35 years.

Having this knowledge and working relationship with customers, combined with his technical knowledge and sales skills, Peter has been able to grow existing accounts and open new ones.

Peter commented; “I was lucky to get the opportunity as an apprentice to train in all aspects from conversion through to finishing. Nowadays often people only train in a single skill, having the opportunity to become multi skilled gave me a good foundation of the industry and helped me develop my career.” Peter fully supports the apprenticeship schemes undertaken at Board24 as he sees it as an excellent way for young people to have hands on training.

Naturally Peter is looking forward to the exciting times ahead at Board24 with the new investment at Preston set for 2015, providing a sense of reassurance for the future of the business.





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