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Introduction to corrugated board testing techniques workshop

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Would you like to attend our introduction to corrugated board testing techniques workshop?

Held in our newly refurbished and redecorated Testing Laboratory, the Board24 introduction to corrugated board testing techniques workshop gives an opportunity to learn more about the technical aspects of corrugated. Along with an element of tutorial, the workshop is hands on and practical. The knowledge gained should enhance overall understanding of the test methods and becoming more informed on the process to gain the results.

Used throughout the industry, the test methods are used as a guide to ascertain the appropriate material for the application. For this introduction, different board grade samples will be measured on the day to appreciate an understanding of the basic differences between flutes.

The workshop covers the following test methods:

  • Compression test of fibreboard shipping containers (BCT) – T804/Fefco No50
  • Edgewise Compressive Strength (ECT) – BS EN ISO 3037: 2013/Fefco  No8
  • Short span compressive strength (SCT) – T826/ BS ISO9895:2008
  • Bursting strength – BS EN ISO 2759:2003/Fefco No4/ T810
  • Thickness (caliper) of paperboard – T411/ISO 3034:2011/Fefco No3
  • Grammage of paper and paperboard – BS EN ISO: 536:2012/Fefco No2/T410

As well as an overview of the following practical tools:

  • How to measure box – T827
  • Theoretical performance calculations and values
  • Safety Factors and what do they mean?

Please contact us for more details on how to participate in a workshop.

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