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Investing in case performance


A recent investment into a TLS Validator™ Compression Tester for Board24’s testing laboratory has increased the group’s commitment to board and case performance. The decision to select the Validator™ was based on a match to the requirement of Board24 for adherence to case compression strength.

The Validator™ hardware includes three load cells for highly accurate testing, two low friction ball screws for platen movement and automatic platen return after each test for easy loading. The software provides a visual of the compression taking place, including a statistical review, while also providing a new measurement method; Constant Load test module. The Constant Load testing module creates an opportunity to test box compression strength against the theoretical value of the box size and board grade.

With the TLS Validator™ Board24’s commitment to measuring, monitoring and improving board and case performance has been enhanced through the latest box compression testing hardware and software.

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