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Understanding Board Performance


Board24 customers have benefited from a free workshop introducing them to the more technical aspects of corrugated board.

The two hour practical workshop was held at Board24’s newly refurbished testing laboratory at Coalville. The session was designed to give customers a better understanding of the properties of different types of board so that they are better equipped to choose the right materials for their projects.

On the day, delegates had the opportunity to carry out industry standard tests on a range of different board grade samples for themselves, as well as hear from Lab Technician, Jemma Hudson.


Board24 director, Alex Morris, said:
“As performance becomes a more prevalent feature for selecting board grades for packing products we wanted to provide our customers with an introduction to testing methods to broaden their understanding and help them become more informed.”

“That way, when we’re talking to them about different materials, they can make educated decisions about the best, most cost effective material for their project. They can also pass on this knowledge to their customers.”

Delegates have been resoundingly positive about the workshops. One said:

“It was an informative and highly useful day. We buy a significant amount of board and boxes and, although we understood the basics of board testing methods, I now feel a lot more confident when  discussing the test methods and their relative effect on performance with my customers.”

Jemma Hudson explained that initially, the workshop was there to describe board composition but it moved on to being much more about board composition and performance because that’s what customers are interested in. “We had lots of great feedback on the day and we will be repeating the workshop so that many more of our customers can benefit”, she said.

If you are interested in improving your knowledge of the materials you use, please get in touch.

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