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Training and rescue

For our company, people are at the forefront of every decision we make and this is why our team are invested in through training – this is so that employees deliver the best results, whilst being as safe as possible in the workplace. Board24 chose MRS Training & Rescue – the well-known company have seven training facilities across the UK, each offering a comprehensive range of health and safety related products, training and services to a wide range of industries.

Our team undertook a series of gruelling and important training courses – what did the courses entail?

Fire Warden Training

It is important to us that our staff are working in the safest environments, whilst knowing how to prevent dangerous hazards – the process from sheetboard manufacture through to packaging and delivery is needed to be as efficient and safe as possible.

One important training course needed is fire warden training – the course covers basic fire hazards and consequential risks in the workplace as well as the main measures that should be taken to minimise fire risks. The main aim at point of completion is to enable employees with responsibility in their workplace for the safe evacuation and control (including accounting for) of all personnel and use of portable fire fighting equipment, to be able to react positively to a fire or possible fire on their premises.

Confined Space Medium Risk

In addition to team members knowing the ins and outs of fire warden safety training, it’s apparent that our workers are faced with working in confined spaces; it’s for this reason that we’ve brought the confined space training programme to light – for both medium and high risk settings. The aim of the course is to teach the team how to work safely in medium risk confined spaces, in which there is a realistic expectation of encountering a specified risk, including possible introduction of a specified risk during work activity. It involves working as part of a team and requires use of access equipment, environmental monitoring and escape breathing apparatus.

Confined Space Low Risk

As well as our team members being trained to work in medium risk confined spaces, our team at Board24 have also undertaken the low risk course. The programme trains the team on how to work safely in low risk confined spaces, in which there is adequate natural or mechanical ventilation, where access appears simple and unobstructed, and there is no likely risk of flooding (for example meter pits, valve chambers and stairwells).


We strongly believe that putting our team through the relevant staff training courses is vital in terms of work quality and efficiency, whilst also making sure our team are as safe as they can possibly be while manufacturing corrugated sheet board and volume cases.

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