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Assessing Board Grade

Lab series

Grammage of paper and paperboard – BS EN ISO: 536:2012/FEFCO No 2/T410

The process involves cutting a circle, delaminating the papers, drying the papers and weighing them before and after:

– The size of circle is 112.8mm conditioned according to ISO187
– FEFCO No 2- Determine the basis weight of corrugated board
– FEFCO No 3 – Determination of the thickness of corrugated board
– FEFCO No 10 – Determination of the basis weight of the component papers of corrugated board after separation.
– Information that can be ascertained from this process includes:

  • Grammage of the papers
  • Flute take up and therefore caliper
  • An indication of the paper type

Difficulties arise when trying to properly assess the performance characteristic of paper, for example:

  • A 115gsm waste based linerĀ – Is it: Duo/Hi-flex/TL2/TL2/Hidro? Each has a variety of different performance characteristics

There are methods are to assess, however, not necessarily fool proof. Methods include

  • Iodine
  • Water drops
  • Taste
  • Microscopic assessment

Due to the varying paper sourcing methods of board manufacturers, the results from the board analysis method will not necessarily match the same board grade ran by another board manufacturer.

A more reliable method:
Gather a minimum of 12 cases that can be performance tested to assist the board manufacturer with suggesting an equivalent board grade.

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