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Box Compression Testing

Lab series

BCT is used to access the compression strength of a glued corrugated case and to determine a maximum load a box can withstand when palletised.

It is typically used to calculate the force being applied to the bottom case within a stack on a pallet and the strongest indication of whether a case will be suitable for palletising.

The BCT method (FEFCO No 50) is conducted through the following steps;

  • At least 10 randomly selected cases are conditioned according to┬áISO187
  • The box is made up and placed centrally on the lower platen of the testing machine
  • The compression machine is started, which will compress the case until the buckling point is met
  • The maximum BCT measurement is then recorded in kilograms

There are limitations to BCT;

  • Glued cases only
  • Die cuts and MDS are first points of weakness on the case, which makes the cases incomparable
  • Boxes are tested within lab conditions
  • Does not take into account the dramatic reduced stacking strength caused by even small stacking misalignment, which is common during distribution

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