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Changing Flute Types

Stack of cardboard

Changing the board flute type offers two key benefits; performance and logistics. Both offer a commercial benefit.


  • For example changing from B flute to M flute can improve the print finish, by reducing flute shadow and creating a more rigid print substrate to give a finer consistent finish.
  • Changing from B to M flute can improve the perforation tear of board, reducing debris left on the perfs and therefore an overall on shelf appearance uplift.
  • Wider board calipers can improve Box Compression Test (BCT), moving from a heavyweight B flute to a lesser grammage C flute, can in some cases improve the BCT of the case.


  • Caliper differences in flutes can offer a huge range of benefits relating primarily to the quantity per pallet:

For example: 305x229x229

  • M flute – 1000pp
  • B flute – 800pp
  • C flute – 570pp
  • EB flute – 480pp
  • MB flute – 420pp
  • BC flute – 300pp

Offering improved loadfill, reduced warehouse space, reduced number of fork lift truck movements, lower storage costs and lower delivery costs.

Commercial Benefits:

For example:

  • 305x229x229
  • B200KT(150SC) – Theoretical BCT – 211kg
  • C150KT(150SC) – Theoretical BCT – 234kg – 4.7% cost saving
  • C125KT (150SC) – Theoretical BCT – 209kg – 11.6% cost saving

Click here to download our Lab Series information sheet to find out more about Changing Flutes Types

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