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Reassessing Board Grades

Reassessing Board Grades

We all know corrugated board serves a lot of purposes, making it the ideal packaging material. Once a board grade is assigned to a specific job it is rarely reassessed unless it is not performing sufficiently.

However reassessing board grades and understanding the variable elements of packaging can influence its strength, performance and cost.

Therefore board grade analysing is not just for new specifications it can provide valuable information on existing specifications. For instance should samples for quoting be assessed based on current performance of the box or required performance of the box, does this identify potential savings or issues with the supply chain?

What board grade alternatives could be considered?

Is it right to use the current paper combinations, are they fit for purpose? Do they need to be more or less moisture repellent? Do they need to withstand excessive puncturing or dropping?

Is it just a case of considering paper types? Should the case orientation be considered? Are the current case sizes creating niggles within the supply chain? Do the boxes fit properly on a pallet?

These types of questions can help identify scope to trail an alternative board grade which could provide beneficial savings.

A full list of questions to determine theoretically performing board grade can be obtained by contacting Board24 on 01530 510022.

Click here to download our Lab Series information sheet to find out more about Reassessing Board Grades 

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