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A Step Up for Michael Lennon

Mikee Lennon

Board24 are pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Lennon to the position of Assistant Engineering Manager at Coalville.

Michael has worked at Coalville for approximately 12 years, 11 years as shift electrician, where he has gained experience and knowledge in the various aspects of the plant and machinery involved. He will be taking on more responsibility in the Engineering Department, in particular the direct day to day management of all our Coalville based Engineers.

His aspirations have come to fruition from his earlier appointment as Engineering Team Leader, his intuitiveness and dedication to his growing role has resulted in his latest role as Assistant Manager.

Michael is also part way through a two year higher Management course at Loughborough College which will assist him for possible future roles within the company.

Richard McBride, Managing Director, comments; “The team at Board24 wish Michael all the best in his new role and are trust the team will support him in ensuring his successful transition into line management.”


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