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Cases24 are recruiting a team of driven and highly motivated lead operators who will participate in the case maker development programme, to achieve demanding production targets.

The case maker development programme will bring together a team of lead operators with the strongest desire to progress themselves and the capabilities of Cases24 for the benefit of the business.

Candidates wishing to be considered for the role of Lead Operator will have demonstrated competence in operating all aspects of a case maker and associated ancillary equipment safely to ensure machines run efficiently.

The role will involve working as part of a team; requiring excellent communication and willing to take part in problem solving and continuous improvement exercises. Flexibility with a willingness to learn and embrace new skills will also form a fundamental requirement of the role.

Key personal attributes include a dedicated, reliable hardworking ethic.

The ideal candidate will be able to present examples of a proven desire to maximise machine uptime %, reduce setup times, maximise feeds per hour and produce a consistently high quality product.

A positive attitude is a necessity for this important company investment. The business will be looking to the lead operators to set an example of what is achievable with high quality equipment.

The development programme will equip the successful candidate with the capability to operate the case makers.
1. Ensure all work is carried out safely.
2. Ensure all equipment is in a safe and serviceable condition.
3. Enforce and promote safety and housekeeping in your area of work.
4. To report safety and hazard faults.
5. Prioritise work and consider timings accordingly.
6. Ensure customer quality standards are maintained at all times, including board calliper, print coverage, colour matching, die registration, case size and case squareness.
7. Set multiple jobs at the same time to maximise capability of PP1025 and minimise set times.
8. Minimise setup and run waste and be aware of permitted chargeable overs.
9. Ensure a rapid response to machine failures and breakdowns and inform relevant departments (planning & despatch).
10. Keep Line Manager informed of work progress.
11. Ensure cleaning schedules are rigidly adhered to and meet the agreed schedule (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks).
12. Employ continuous improvement techniques and share best practice with colleagues.
13. To organise meal breaks with no impact on quality or production targets.
14. Take ownership of the organisation of the working area including machinery.
15. Communicate effectively with other shifts, especially at shift handover.
16. Achieve targets related to production uptime, speed and shortest possible setup times.
17. Demonstrate flexibility to cover absence and sickness as required.

Should you wish to apply for the position of Lead Operator on the case maker development programme please applies in writing to Conversion Manager by 5PM on Friday 24th August 2018.

Should you wish to discuss the role on an informal basis, please contact Paul Elliott.


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