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Staff Profile – Tracy Adams

Tracy Adams

Tracy is a Business Analyst and has been with Board24 Coalville for almost 20 years. She originally started off in the finance department as a part qualified accountant and became qualified while working for Board24.

Early days involved implementing a new finance system, which sparked an interest in the systems side and a few years later was given the opportunity to transfer to IT. In 1999 she helped to implement the new ESP system and has never looked back.

The role of a Business Analyst is a healthy challenge as Tracy is continually learning new functions of the system and is forever trying to find better ways for the business to run, throughout all departments. She also trains people up on the systems and is the one of the first ports of call for colleagues who struggle with ESP or MAP systems that we use.

Always a dedicated team player, Tracy loves working with different departments, trying to find solutions to problems and enjoys working with all levels of people within the business. This includes the production team, to sales and dispatch, finance and commercial too. She feels constantly challenged but also supported by her colleagues.

Tracy has a wide knowledge of the system and how the teams can utilise it. Colleagues will come to her when they need to know the best way to use the system. She’s also constantly writing reports on all aspects of the business.

In her spare time Tracy really enjoys sewing and crafty things. Her most impressive creations to date have been handmade tents for her nephews and niece and she also makes advent calendars for her family and friends around Christmas time.

In addition to her crafty ways, Tracy also has a huge love for travelling – one of her favourite places is Tanzania where she went on Safari and loved seeing all the animals. She’ll be off to Jamaica in a few weeks to celebrate her 50th Birthday.

 As she assists with the system processes, she is off to Amsterdam in May with the Kiwiplan User Group who get together every year to see what is new on the system and to discuss these changes and problem solve. It is an intense few days of learning and discussion, but what a great place to do it!

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