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Bardon Eagles Soar to the Top!

Bardon Eagles

Encouraged by other charitable donations, in summer 2018 Mark Butler, our Corrugator One control room operator, put a proposal forward for sponsoring his son’s football team that he had agreed to coach.

The team is the under 13 Bardon Eagles based in Coalville and Mark was coaching the team for the first time along with friend and colleague, Tom Hudson.  Board24 were honoured to sponsor the team and have the Board24 and Cases24 Logo’s proudly displayed on their kit.

Since the sponsorship the team has gone from strength to strength this season – never losing a game! In total the Bardon Eagles won 8 of their matches and drew 1, coming top of the league this season by 7 points.

Coach Mark Butler stated “I am very proud of the team for coming top of the league, they surpassed all expectations and I’m really looking forward to continuing to coach them next season. Board24’s sponsorship was a great help and we really appreciate their continued support. My son has grown up seeing me wear my Board24 shirt and now he and the team wear their shirts with pride.”

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