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Staff Profile – Kelvin Egan


Kelvin Egan has been working at Cases24 almost since its inception in April 2009. Kelvin started his career with Cases24 as a Machine Operator and naturally progressed through the company until he was promoted to Team Leader in July 2018. Kelvin now supports his team across casemakers one to four, providing a safe working environment, efficient operation and maximum productivity.

Like other team leaders within the cases operation, he takes great pride supervising new case specifications confirming correct manufacture and driving the teams to achieve higher performance targets.

Originally starting at Smurfit Kappa and then moving to DS Smith, Kelvin has worked in the industry for almost 20 years. It was his friend and old colleague Simon Smith who pointed him in the direction of Cases24. The business was keen for experienced talent as demand was growing.

Kelvin says he really enjoys his time at Cases24 “This is the first time in my career that I’ve enjoyed coming to work. I’ve never been afraid to work but I can’t say I ever really enjoyed it, and now I do. The days go so quickly, I look forward to coming in.”

In his spare time Kelvin tends to run a lot, and in his own words “I run because I have to, because if I didn’t I would be the size of a house.” Kelvin enjoys his food and admits that he’s the only one allowed to cook in his house, often cooking his wife’s and children’s dinner before he leaves for the afternoon shift. He enjoys cooking curries the most but admits he would try his hand at practically anything.

The rest of his time is dedicated to spending time with his wife and two children, with the occasional Tottenham Hotspur match at the weekend.

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