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Preston Parade Donation

On June 22nd, Board24 Preston kindly donated sheet board to the Shepherd Lodge Nursery for their parade float to celebrate Lytham Club Day, a popular and fun day for the local area to help promote local businesses.

The Shepherd Lodge Nursery design and create a float for the parade every year, and this year their cardboard for the float was donated by Board24 – Preston, and the nursery came 1st place.

The theme was Woodland and the nursery implemented popular book and film, The Gruffalo, into their floats design and used a tractor to pull the float.

Nursery Manager, Rebecca Cocker, thanked Preston for their donation Thank you so much again for providing us with lots of cardboard it was such a huge help. We are pleased to announce that our float won first place in the parade as well. All the children had such a great time and loved decorating all the art work. Thank you again we really appreciate it.

Nicky Moirt, a Customer Service Administrator at the Preston site has a daughter that attends the nursery and was only too happy to offer Board24’s help in this year’s parade. All local businesses take part in the parade and with many floats to choose from, Shepherd Lodge were thrilled to have been the chosen winner.

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