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Staff Profile – Ian Hurst

Ian Hurst

Ian Hurst is the Board24 Pallet line and Despatch Team Leader and as of this month he has been working at Board24 for 25 years. He was one of the 11 people that celebrated their 25 year anniversary at Board24 this month.

He first started at Board24 as a Single Facer Operator on Corrugator 2 and then moved onto planning 6 years later. Ian says “I think that if you’re eager to learn something new then there are always opportunities here at Board24.”  After another 4 years he was promoted to a Team Leader. Since then he has had experience in team leading throughout different departments in the company, including pallet lines, Corrugator 1, conversion and warehousing.

This was largely due to the amount of time and training that Board24 invested into Ian throughout the years.

Earning his Fork Truck training license through Board24 training as well as attending team leader and leadership training programmes through the company, Ian was able to gain the knowledge and skills required to move up through the ranks to where he is today. Originally working as a dispatch clerk at Caterpillar, Ian is glad he took the step towards working at Board24 25 years ago.

An average day for Ian includes managing approximately 23 Fork Truck Operators and 8 palletisation operators. His areas of responsibility are loading, pallet line and the finished goods warehouse. Ian really enjoys working with his colleagues and says that every day is really interesting. “I have many fond memories of Board24 over the years,” Ian tells us. “However I think my favourite part of Board24 was being able to work the same place as my brother for many years.”

In his spare time Ian enjoys spending time with his family and doing a bit of DIY around the house. Above all though, Ian has a passion for history, especially the English Civil War and WW11 and has taken part in history re-enactments and commemorations.

Ian has been doing history re-enactments up and down the UK since 1985, his love of history stemming from his childhood watching historical films on the Romans, Egyptians and European and British history.

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