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We are pleased to announce that Board24 have extended their contract with Bibby Distribution after the 3PL’s team yet again demonstrated their outstanding reliability and commitment to efficiency. Due to Bibby’s low carbon footprint and their consistent low costs and high customer service levels, Board24 are looking forward to their continued partnership and to entrust the transport of their products to Bibby.

Bibby Distribution staff are based at Board24’s Coalville and Preston depots, delivering up to 90 loads each day using 40 tractor units hooked up to high-cube trailers.

The business has full traceability of its goods at all times as each vehicle is fitted with telematics, and the high-cube trailers maximise the amount of cardboard that can be transported on each journey.

Richard McBride, Managing Director says: “Our products need to be delivered at set times, so ensuring that happens without any delays is essential. Bibby Distribution knows exactly how we work and always get the job done. The team continually demonstrates that they can help us keep our promises to customers, as they have been doing since 2010.

He adds: “The high-cube trailers maximise how much can be carried, and by having Bibby Distribution staff based on our sites, we have immediate access to support and our operations run more efficiently. We work so closely together that any issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes before they become serious, and without affecting our overall service.”


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