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Charity Bike Ride

On August 4th, a team of 9, including a mixture of Board24 employees, called ‘The Tortoises & Hares’, rode for 100 miles across London for Prostate Cancer.

Their successful riding time over the 100 miles was 7 hours 30 minutes and they’ve managed to raise a very impressive £11,000 for their charity. This includes funds matched by our charity matching scheme.

The team started at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and rode through the empty streets of London. The 100 mile route took them out into Surrey and then back again, finishing at Buckingham Palace.

Phil Slater, an FLT Driver for Board24 and a member of The Tortoises & Hares took part in the Charity bike ride: “It’s a great feeling when you finish and people are clapping and cheering. A wonderful, emotional feeling. It was easy to embrace the occasion as you barely feel the miles passing as you have crowds of people cheering for you and motivating you, the encouragement was over whelming.

“We couldn’t have done this without everyone who supported us, either financially or emotionally, we want to thank everyone who has donated and helped us along the way, it’s been a really emotional time and I’m so proud of the amount that we’ve raised.”

To find out more about Prostate Cancer and what the charity does, you can visit the Prostate Charity website here.

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