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Recording Breaking Shift

On the 5th of August, Board24 Preston broke their production record on their BHS machine. The prior record was 147,027 lineal meters, achieved previously by their J Shift team in September 2016.

However this record has now been over taken by the K shift team who ran a massive 152,797 lineal meters with an average speed of 330 meters per minute.

It used to be considered that 100,000 lineal was a milestone, and this milestone has been changed to 125,000 on the corrugator 4 machine due to the amount it is able to produce.

The corrugator 4 started production with one shift in November 2015, moving onto a three shift production facility in January 2016. It is understood that there is no company in the UK that has comes anywhere near producing their record breaking 157,797 Lineal Meter record, and understandingly the team are very proud.

Operations Manager, Eric Marshall told us: “In April Board24 invested in a new piece of equipment on the BHS machine, a Hyper Blade, allowing a gapless order change. Almost at once it had an impact on the corrugator efficiency. At a local Management meeting we said that sooner or later we would smash the old record that had stood for nearly 3 years. Well, we did so on 5th August by well over 5,000 lineal metres.

“This shows that our teams are always striving for continuous improvement. K shift and all their support staff; engineers, pallet line crews, clamp truck and forklift truck drivers played their part. Special thanks should go out to Ian Gibney K shift Team Leader & his crew along with Wayne Potter who was the Hyper Blade champion. It has already been said that this new record will be broken!”

Board24 are very excited to see when the next record is due to be made. Richard McBride, Managing Director for Board24 stated: “This is an outstanding world class performance for a 2.5m Corrugator and BHS have acknowledged this achievement as being right up there with the best.  I put this down to a highly focused team effort by all working on the corrugator and the support teams which make it possible. My congratulations to the site Leadership team led by Eric and all our employees on setting a new record.”

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