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Recycle Week

This year we have partnered up with Wrap for Recycling week to help promote recycling in the UK.

Board24 create corrugated packaging or what most people know as ‘cardboard’ which is widely regarded as sustainable packaging and 100% recyclable, we decided we were a good candidate to help get the UK recycling more. Recycling habits often fall over the summer, so September is the perfect time to remind people why we recycle and encourage them to do it more.


What is corrugated packaging?


Corrugated packaging is used widely throughout the world and has diverse applications; from storing fruit and veg in the supermarkets to packaging up the products that are delivered to our front door.

Corrugated board is manufactured by a process of combining liners with a fluted medium. Different thicknesses of board can be manufactured to improve the strength and rigidity of board, dependent on the application. Slimmer width boards are more readily used for print, perforated or complex designs, also ideal for shelf ready packaging and increased availability of product for shoppers.

Corrugated packaging is incredibly versatile and has many different uses and more than 80% of the corrugated cardboard we use in the UK is recycled. It is the most widely recycled type of packaging.


How can I recycle more?


Start with learning about the different bins that you have at home. Traditionally our black bins are for any waste that cannot be recycled, and depending on your location, you will have different coloured bins for different recycled items, including glass, plastics and paper. There is so much that can be recycled. Often our recycling bins could be bigger than our waste bins.

Segregating your recycled waste can help a reduction of landfill waste. Help recyclers by cleaning out glass jars and bottles and flatten your cardboard to make the most of your space. Remember to check out your local council’s website to find out how your waste is collected, as this can differ depending on the area that you live in.

If you’re a fan of online shopping you will know that most products will be delivered in a cardboard box, which can be easily recycled. If you’re not sure about a new retailer then do some research and make sure you use e-retailers that provide sustainable packaging, like cardboard.


Know the logos


You may have seen the recycle sign on food packaging in the home, you can find out what they all mean on the recycle now website. Follow the basic instructions to ensure that everything you recycle is recycled correctly and do your bit for the environment.

To find out more about recycling and how to get involved, visit the Wrap website and take that first step.


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