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The Importance of Fire Safety Training in the Workplace

As a company committed to the health and safety of employees, Board24 ensures they have a policy and training in place to reduce the likelihood of a fire occurring and trained wardens in place to know what to do should a fire break out. General fire safety may seem simple, but it is vital to follow.

Our friends at MRS Training & Rescue have written a blog on the importance of fire safety training…

The importance of fire safety training

Firefighting has been around for a long time. There are records of the Romans having “fire watchers” over their camps. Whilst others slept, these people kept an eye out for fire embers spreading to buildings and possibly setting them on fire. The great fire of London in 1666 led to the formation of fire insurance companies, forerunners to our modern-day fire brigades.

In today’s modern society, organisations may still be vulnerable to risk from fires and must take precautions to prevent fire. Businesses must also ensure they have the training and knowledge needed to prevent, protect and respond to fire incidents in the workplace.

As a company that places significant importance on health and safety, Board24 ensures they have designated fire wardens and chooses MRS Training & Rescue Swadlincote as their preferred training provider. The instructors at MRS are highly experienced professional rescue operatives, who are trained to the National Occupation Standard of fire fighting in emergency situations, and they offer their knowledge and practical expertise to every delegate.

Fire Training

Fire training

MRS runs training at Board 24’s premises so their teams can practice using their own equipment – they practice combating a “controlled fire” utilising portable fire extinguishers and a training rig so should a fire occur, they are well prepared and practised and know how to respond.  The fire warden training course covers the duties of a fire warden as well as the selection and safe operation of portable fire extinguishers to combat a fire. It also covers how to reduce the risk of fires and what they need to do if a fire were to occur, ensuring they act safely and do not put themselves in danger.

The training offered by MRS covers:

  • Knowing the fire triangle and how fires spread
  • Knowing how fires are classed and extinguished
  • Identifying, selecting and using a fire extinguisher for the class of fire encountered
  • Understanding the main requirements of the fire safety legislation
  • Knowing the relevance of fire risk assessment to fire wardens
  • Knowing the general duties of a fire warden
  • Knowing the duties of a fire warden in the event of a fire

The designated fire wardens at Board24 are part of a system in place to prevent fires from starting in the workplace, and if necessary, assist in evacuating all staff from premises should a fire occur.

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