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Saying Goodbye to Monkhouse

On the 30th of September, John Monkhouse Senior worked his last day at Board24 Preston. John joined Board24 Preston on the 18th November 1996 as a Mechanical Engineer and as an engineer, it would be fair to say his knowledge and experience on the MHI corrugator is second to none. Even though he only takes a size 9, they are very large boots to fill.

John has been a first class employee and will be greatly missed.

John Monkhouse Snr, who is affectionately known as ‘Grandad’ in the factory, has been an integral part of the Engineering Department throughout all his many years. John decided to retire at Board24 just a couple of months short of his 23rd year anniversary.

John’s favourite memory of being at Board24 was when his son, John Monkhouse Junior, first started working in production at Board24, John is very much a family man and loved coming to work with his son.

If John were to give one piece of advice to everyone else working or starting at board 24 it would be: “Head down, backside out, until the job is done and done right”. This is also a bit of an in joke with his fellow engineers.

Steve Dutton, John’s supervisor informs us what John is up to next. “John is now going to embark on another pastime which is engraving, and it’s a pity he didn’t take it up 23 years ago. Then we may well have been able to decipher what he wrote on his daily worksheet, to say he has the handwriting of a doctor, would be a massive slur against doctors!”

He will be missed not only as an engineer, but as a person and friend to many who have worked with John.  He is blessed with a dry sense of humour and a deadpan face.

Eric Marshall, Operations Manager at Board24 Preston told us John was an out to out seasoned fitter, one of the old school. John was a fitter at Leicester working for Thorn Lighting, there is a big possibility that our paths crossed during his time at Thorn Lighting.

At Board24 I always had “banter” with John, my favourite saying, when walking up to John was “John you are the second best fitter here, after me”, that usually raised a smile.

When John wanted to do something he did it, his ability is without question and his rugged determination just got things done. He was an asset to our business and will be greatly missed.”

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