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Staff Profile – Clare Cook

Clare Cook is the Account Development Manager for Board24, based at Coalville. Clare is the dependable, imaginative contact for her customers, helping them to achieve what they require from Board24. Having started with Board24 at the beginning of 2019, Clare brought a significant amount of experience from the packaging sector, including owning her own sheet plant. Most recently, Clare joined Board24 after a successful eight years with DS Smith.

Clare explained in her own words what her job role involves: “Primarily I am building and managing relationships with our cases trade customers. Instead of a traditional face and representation of the business, I am working very closely with the customer assisting with new opportunities for growth, promoting the capabilities of the business and giving our customers the edge in their market sector. My role is not just working with the buyer, it is beyond that, in fact I work closely with owners, sales teams and designers. In the trade sector, all of these people care deeply about their customers and that is where I focus my attentions.”

It is encouraging to hear that within a year of joining Board24, Clare is really enjoying her time working closely with all her colleagues. “The people I work with here is the best part of working at Board24, I really enjoy the team approach. Everyone has a ‘can-do’ attitude and is willing to help, no matter what. We all seem to pull together.”

In her spare time Clare enjoys being with family & friends.  Putting together new recipes and getting friends together to trial a new menu that she’s come up with is a favourite.

Clare also enjoys musicals and has seen many of the west end shows, Mamma Mia being one she has particularly enjoyed.

Clare has spent some time travelling across Europe with her husband, visiting vineyards and adding to her wine collection. She says that she’s hoping to visit California and that Chile is also on her hit list, both for the wine and scenery.

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