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Casemaker 4 – A Great Start

Earlier this year, Cases24 celebrated their 10 year anniversary, a decade of sustainable growth and success. That success is not only down to Cases24’s ‘make it possible’ ethic and our loyal, hardworking staff – but also down to the operation, which combines so well to manufacture hundreds of thousands of cases every day.

Thanks to the growth and interest of our customer base, in October 2018, Cases24 installed their 4th Casemaker. The 2500mm machine complemented the existing setup, providing improved lead times and security of supply for our customer base.

CM4 has become our largest volume casemaker, producing world class square meter outputs, from ever increasing uptimes. The uptime has improved significantly as operator familiarity has grown. The machine has the lowest set times, fully automated pre-feeder and load former with quality of board assured; supplied by Board24.

The reliable and effective nature of Board24’s sheet feeding operation has successfully aligned with Cases24 over the past 10 years, supporting the growth of the operation and providing industry leading board quality. Coupled with the support of a highly experienced engineering and materials handling team, it ensures a consistent overall equipment efficiency.

The full automation of Casemaker 4 has provided a significantly more efficient operation, cutting the lead times we had in half.

Cases24 celebrated a year of success for Casemaker 4 in October, which has been led and maintained by a brilliant team, Paul Elliott the Conversion Manager and the team leaders; Kelvin Egan, Ian Staines and Mark Smith.

Alex Morris, Managing Director for Cases24 says “The successful integration of casemaker 4 into our setup is fantastic for the business and all our stakeholders, including our customers and manufacturing team. We created a development team in 2018 before we commissioned the machine, providing an opportunity for the team to familiarise themselves with the new automated technology. As expected, the team quickly became familiar with all aspects of the machine and have demonstrated a strong desire to continually improve the outputs. Increasing uptime and reducing set times, whilst completely focused on the quality of the cases. We look forward to the next 10 years of Cases24 growth and we hope the same customers who have traded with us since the beginning will be trading with us in 2029.”

Overall Cases24 are completely satisfied with the investment they made in Casemaker 4, which enables them to produce high quality corrugated boxes for customers, much quicker, and with consistently high quality.

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