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Apprentice Becomes MVP

On the 9th of Feb we had our Business Analyst and Dispatch Administrator Apprentice, Jack Burton, take part in the One Tap Lan Gaming Grand Final in Belfast.

Not only did Jack and his team, revenge of the Xeth, win the tournament but Jack also went on to win MVP, which he was especially proud as he was asked last minute to join the team after one of their members couldn’t make it.

Jack has 6000 hours game time on this particular game and this is the 3rd tournament that he has won.

Board24 are very proud of Jack and wish him luck on his future gaming adventures.

One thought on “Apprentice Becomes MVP”

  1. JackB is my favourite CS:GO player! He now plays for ChromeGG in ESEA main and is currently ripping it up with an astounding 90 ADR! I think you guys should raise his pay to fund for the insane talent he has!

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