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5 Ways to Prevent Shipping Damage

Packaging is largely about trust – trusting that when you purchase something, it will arrive to you safely, on time and intact. Unfortunately, on occasion, damage to packaging and items does occur, either through poorly packaged boxes, or during transit time. This can cost businesses time, money, and in some cases, loyal customers. Unfortunately, due to issues within the supply chain, businesses cannot ensure that every shipment will go unscathed every time, however, here are some ideas you might find to prevent shipping damage.

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Packaging Predictions for 2020

As the years go by, any businesses that wish to remain relevant should look towards making changes to keep up with new technology, trends, and consumer demands. This can be especially true in the packaging industry, as manufacturers, government entities, and consumers’ expectations and requirements often change. Due to the ongoing outside pressures, global packaging trends are continually changing. Here are four packaging trends your business should keep an eye on this year.

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