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5 Ways to Prevent Shipping Damage

Packaging is largely about trust – trusting that when you purchase something, it will arrive to you safely, on time and intact. Unfortunately, on occasion, damage to packaging and items does occur, either through poorly packaged boxes, or during transit time. This can cost businesses time, money, and in some cases, loyal customers. Unfortunately, due to issues within the supply chain, businesses cannot ensure that every shipment will go unscathed every time, however, here are some ideas you might find to prevent shipping damage.


 1) Test new packaging options

When it comes to packaging, packers should consider working closely with their packaging suppliers to find the best option to minimise shipping damage. These companies will typically have testing facilities available within their laboratories and based on experience should be able to provide potential solutions.

2) Get rid of space

Filling the empty spaces in a box can be necessary to keep items from moving around during transit. The more tightly packed they are, the less likely they are to break or arrive damaged. It also helps if boxes are stacked against one another without any gaps or space. Potentially this should prevent boxes from moving or falling during shipping.

3) Seal every box

Every package should be secured with packaging tape that can withstand moisture, humidity, and handling. This should stop the package from opening unwillingly or potential contamination.

4) Training

Training employees to inspect boxes before packing them with orders can help minimise the chance that a shipment will go out in a faulty box, which may not last the entire trip. Training new employees and refreshing older employees is potentially a successful means of ensuring best practises are being adhered to.

5) Isolate liquids

Separating liquids from the rest of the shipment will prevent other items from being destroyed, just in case of a breakage.


For businesses looking to reduce transit damage, these ideas are a great starting point. Cases24 can help with creating durable and branded packaging solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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