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Fun Ways to Use Corrugated Packaging to Entertain Children

With schools closed and children continuing their learning from home we have put together some fun and creative ideas to keep your children entertained at home, whilst learning. With the added benefit of potentially reusing your cardboard boxes.

  • Cardboard Shape Sorter

If you’ve got plastic balls available or different shape blocks then you can cut holes into a cardboard box and ask the children to sort their shapes into different holes. If you’ve only got plastic balls you can colour code your holes so they sort them into colours rather than shapes.



  • Cardboard Car Park

If your child loves cars or trains then you can cut out the top around a cardboard box and make your own car park for the cars. Maybe ask your child to help drawing out the spaces for each car and numbering them.



  • Cardboard Boats

Consider cutting up the cardboard completely and making your own boats – you can try to make them float, race them or turn it into an historical lesson with Viking style boats.



  • Cardboard Fort

Children dream of having a fort of their own, if you have a big enough box, or a few of them you can put together, you could make this dream come true. Don’t forget to cut in windows and a door and perhaps a draw bridge if you’re feeling extra creative. Encourage the children to help decorate the fort and make it their own.



  • Cardboard Car

Cardboard boxes make the perfect cars. Cut out some circles in another cardboard box and make some wheels, lights and a steering wheel. You can also paint the box in their favourite car colour and give it some go faster stripes.



  • Creative Cardboard Tunnels

If you have enough cardboard then you can go all out and put together some cardboard tunnels, great for hide and seek, tig and all sorts of fun creative games. You can also grab some paints or felt tips and design or paint them however they feel like.



We hope some of these suggestions might help.



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