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Staff Profile – Bryan Dennis

Reel stores Team Leader, Bryan Dennis, is based in Coalville. Before Board 24 he worked for Schlegels, a company that produced rubber seals for the car industry.

When Bryan started at Board24, he started as a ticket man on corrugator 2, learning the wet end before moving onto Reel stores 2 to be on the clamp trucks and then becoming Team Leader. Bryan has now been working for Board24 for almost 24 years.

Bryan has attended numerous training courses at Board 24, including FLT licence, BRC auditing, Ladder Train Trainer, IPAF, ILM level 3 leadership, IOSH and he is also an active fire team member. Bryan has learnt a lot over his years of Board24, taking advantage of the courses offered to him to build his career.

Bryan’s daily duties involve overseeing reel stores operatives and the roll stock, which includes taking delivery of over 10 loads of paper a day. This must be checked, processed and stored ready for the start of the board manufacturing process. Bryan is also part of the BRC audit team which involves monthly audits and so is responsible for any improvements or changes that are required.

Bryan tells us about his favourite part of coming to work. “I enjoy dealing with new challenges daily, and the smiling happy people. We have a very close-knit team here. My fondest memory would be around 20 years ago on the Board24 10th anniversary celebration at Filbert Street. All of the directors, management and operatives went, and I still have the DVD to remember it all, but sadly not all are with us today.”

In his leisure time Bryan enjoys watching live music and really loves drawing and painting, as well as gardening and DIY. He also enjoys travelling to new, warmer climates and experiencing different cultures.  Bryan is also very passionate about animals and has not only been a vegetarian for over 36 years but was also an active member of Greenpeace.



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