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Love Paper Creations

Last month schools across the country were closed to help stem the outbreak of Coronavirus, to keep children and their families safe. We have discovered some fun ways to keep the children entertained while they’re enjoying their long Easter break and have now discovered that the Love Paper Organisation have created a new suite of home-printable resources to help entertain and engage households around Britain and beyond.

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Cats Versus Cardboard

If you’ve ever owned a cat then you’ll know that they have a love for cardboard, the popular cat phrase of ‘if it fits, I sits’ can be applied to cardboard boxes. It turns out, according to a new study from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, that cats use boxes for stress relief. So if you’ve ever found your cat curled up in your empty discarded delivery box, it’s most likely so that he can cool down from a situation that’s been over stimulating him.

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Cardboard Rainbow Trail

It seems that every day we wake up to a new world of unprecedented changes on everyday life, so now more than ever the idea of hope is present in peoples mind. Therefore, the Rainbow Trail has become a trending phenomenon on social media. Thousands of children up and down the country are painting pictures of rainbows to ‘spread hope’ during the coronavirus outbreak by putting them in their windows to lift people’s spirits.

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