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Creative Cardboard Around the Home

Before you break up and recycle your cardboard boxes, you may want to think about how it could help you around the home. With just a little bit of creative thinking and very little skill, you could be putting your corrugated packaging to great use. Here are just a few small ideas you could put into action.

  • Drink Coasters

Cardboard, decorative duct tape, and a good pair of scissors are all you need to make these drink coasters. If you don’t have the duct tape to hand then consider using paint or even pens to decorate your cardboard. Another bonus use could be to protect your floor, placing furniture on them?

  • Clever Crafting

Sometimes it’s nice not to overthink it. Any craft project will be easier with this cardboard paint palette, complete with a handy thumb hole to keep things in balance. It is Probably only good for one use and potentially can be recycled afterwards.

  • Magazine Files

Make a stylish magazine file by cutting cardboard into size and covering it with decorative paper or fabric or just painting it. Instant organisation designed the way that you want it.

  • Fabric Picture Frame

Why use a simple plain picture frame, when you can customise and personalise your own? Thin cardboard, like that from a cereal box or notepad backing is perfect for this. Just cut it to the appropriate size (a little smaller than the size of your photo) and then decorate the way you want. Use paint and gems or use spray adhesive and attach fabric for a more rustic look. It will frame your photos beautifully.

  • Shoe Rack

This innovative, flexible shoe rack re-purposes cardboard boxes that have been cut, folded and held into triangle shapes with colourful tape. Attach as many as you need for a fun and stylish shoe storage solution.

  • Cardboard Furniture

Look carefully and you’ll see that this is an armchair made of heavy corrugated cardboard. This is extreme cardboard re-purposing, but it shows how versatile cardboard is and that if properly designed, items made of cardboard can be quite sturdy.

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