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Food Sector Packaging

Following on from our earlier article regarding corrugated packaging and how it is a key sector in the current climate, Board24 have been working hard to ensure our customers receive their cases and sheet in a timely manner.

Even before the announcement of a potential lockdown in the UK, people began to buy in bulk due to potential self-isolation causing a rise in demand for food and food packaging, along with medical supplies and equipment.

The relatively sudden increase in demand for packaging has caused a sharp rise in urgent orders being fulfilled well within standard lead times. For one of our long-standing customers, they required urgent cases well within lead time to fulfil demand for supplies within the NHS.

Naturally serving the NHS with vital supplies has been a focus of the business and the efforts to continue to assist and prioritise our customer’s orders for that purpose have been maintained throughout the crisis. Cases24 productivity has also reacted with several established output records recently beaten. Including casemaker 3, which managed to smash a record 24-hour output, which had stood since May 2017 by 2%.

Manufacturing to meet the surge in demand has been welcomed by those customers supplying the food sector. Ongoing customer feedback has been consistently very positive in our efforts to provide an on time in full trusted service. We are delighted to have been able to react to customer demand.

One of the customers involved in sales of boxes to the food sector and indirectly the NHS, tells us: “We are grateful to Board24 during these unprecedented times, we have seen a significant rise in orders, in particular for the food sector and also the NHS. With Board24’s fast turnaround and quick response times, we have been able to keep our customers supplied.”

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