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Huge Charity Donation Split

Board24 is a part of the W&R Barnett Charity Matching Scheme and we were informed last week we had £80,000 to be donated between two charities – Trussell Trust and Age UK.

Trussell Trust provide emergency food and support for people in need in a crisis. Right now in the current climate, there is more need than ever. Our donation will go towards making sure that people in need do not go hungry.

Age UK is the leading charity for older people. The coronavirus has changed life for everyone, but some older people are among the hardest hit. Age UK is trying to provide support for the hardest hit elderly in the UK.

Every employee in the group was asked to vote between these two charities to decide how the money would be split. Last week we asked all employees to take part in this vote and can now announce the results.

In the entire matching scheme group, we received over 1,100 votes. The £80,000 has been split as the following, which will be donated shortly:

Trussell Trust: £31,200

Age UK: £48,800

We are proud to support these worthy charities during these unprecedented times. A huge thank you goes to all employees throughout the Logson Group who took the time to vote and to make sure every vote counted. We hope this donation goes towards helping those in need in this current climate.

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