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Packaging Preferences 2020

A recent European survey has discovered that paper-based packaging, like corrugated board, is preferred for packaging choices as more people become conscious of making better choices for the environment.

The survey was conducted by Two Sides and independent research company, Toluna. The survey included speaking to 5,900 European consumers to reach a better insight into their perceptions and preferences about packaging.

The survey revealed that paper/cardboard packaging is considered the most recycled by European consumers, with an average of 30% of respondents believing that the recycling rate is over 60%. However, just 9% of respondents believe the paper recycling rate to be more than 70%.  The actual amount of paper/cardboard packaging that is recycled in Europe is 85%, which is the highest recycled material in Europe.

A range of materials is discussed in the study, including paper/cardboard packaging, glass, metal and plastic. Paper/Cardboard packaging was a firm favourite amongst those survived for the following reasons:

  • 63% of consumers choose it for being better for the environment
  • 57% prefer it because it is easier to recycle
  • 72% prefer paper/cardboard because it is home compostable
  • 62% of consumers preferred it because it was lighter weight.
  • 54% of consumers thought it to be less expensive than other materials.

The survey found that consumers throughout Europe are willing to change their behaviour to shop more sustainably. 44% are willing to spend more on products if packaged in sustainable materials and nearly half (48%) would consider avoiding a retailer if they believe that retailer is not doing enough to reduce its use of non-recyclable packaging.

Another interesting find was the use of labels on their packaging, such as FSC and how important it is for consumers to know that their packaging comes from a well-managed forest. 64% of consumers confirmed that it was important that their paper-based packaging came with an FSC label.

The survey also covers consumers opinions on other packaging materials, as well as shopping bags, retailers and other recycling labels, you can read the full report, on the Two Sides website here.

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