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Paper Chain Challenge

Our friends over at Love Paper Creations have recently launched their “Paper Chain Challenge” which aims to build the longest paper chain possible, to represent a time of solidarity and show how to connect through the medium of paper.

Run by not-for-profit organisation, Two Sides, seeks to tell consumers around the world all the positive stories about paper, print and paper packaging from its environmental credentials to its role in the creative process.

Recently Two Sides launched their Love Paper Creations, providing printable resources including origami, puzzles, colouring and more to help keep children’s minds fresh and alert as well as entertained.

Now, ‘The Paper Chain Challenge’ asks people to create their paper chain using paper only and want these paper chains to be shared with friends on social media in a bid to create the longest paper chain. You can find all details of the campaign on their ‘Love Paper’ website.

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