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Social Distancing at Board24

In line with the Logson Group Make It Safe vision, we will excel in our Health & Safety performance and work towards zero harm. Since the Coronavirus outbreak we have taken measures to counter the risk of the disease. Encouraging everyone within the business to participate in effectively controlling our significant risks is one of our key objectives of our Make It Safe vision.

One such idea includes a recent creation to ensure distancing guidelines are closely followed. Our Reel Store Team Leader, Bryan Dennis, who is based at Coalville can take the credit for this idea.

Bryan has put together a corrugated head silhouette to place on the seats surrounding staff when sitting in the canteen. This reminds people to make sure that they are social distancing at all times, even when they’re on their break.

Bryan Dennis tells us “After two months of working under these very unusual circumstances, we as a company and as individuals have had to adapt to the governments rules and regulations. We produce corrugated packaging, so a cardboard neutral gender silhouette seemed the obvious way to go to help encourage social distancing in the canteen, as we already have some effective social distancing reminders on the shop floor.  Already a talking point in the canteen. Some of my colleagues seem to like the idea of sitting with friends that don`t answer back! Michelle Gaddess came up with the slogan ‘Head & Shoulders Above the Rest’. We are making more to make sure there is one for every seat at a table of 4.”

Nice thinking Bryan, thank you.

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