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Covid-19 Our New ‘Normal’

As you know the UK is currently trying to adjust to social distancing conditions and discovering what our new ‘normal’ is likely to involve. While shops and high streets are putting up signs reminding pedestrians about social distancing rules, here at Board24 we are also putting rules in place for our new ‘normal’.

From previous news articles you can see we have implemented social distancing rules in our public areas by creating a corrugated cardboard silhouette to place on seats in our lunch room. We also have social distancing reminders on our walls, screens and floors around the offices and factory floor. We have new hygiene rules in place as well as hand sanitiser at all workstations and throughout all our sites.

We have recently conducted risk assessments at our sites in Coalville, Preston and Larkhall to comply with the governments guidance of managing the risk of Covid-19. This includes cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures, having staff working from home where possible and making sure staff can keep 2 metres apart.

You can find our Covid-19 update, along with our risk assessments on our documents page here.

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