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Even More Fun With Cardboard

Cardboard recycling collections have recently started picking up again, but if you have stockpiled your cardboard and still looking for some creative ways to reuse your corrugated packaging, then we have some brand-new ways for you. For previous fun with cardboard blogs you can click here or here.

Cardboard Minecraft

This is perfect if your child loves the game Minecraft and quite easy to create. Just cut up small pieces of square cardboard and paint them in any colours you prefer, then glue the square pieces to a larger piece of cardboard in a sword shape to create your very own Minecraft sword. Layer the squares on top of each other to create a more 3D effect.

Cardboard Chessboard

Make your own cardboard chessboard by cutting out a piece of square rectangle cardboard from a box – use a ruler and draw out 64 squares and paint them black and white consecutively. You can also make chess pieces from cardboard; draw out the shapes of each piece twice, paint one set white and one set black. Then cut out small rectangle shapes and cut a slit at the bottom middle of the shapes so you can slot in your rectangle shapes to keep your chess pieces standing. If you want to add a touch of originality, you can make your own unique chess pieces or paint using different opposing colours, like blue and red.

Cardboard Vending Machine

Cardboard vending machines are not only fun to make, but fun to play with. You can make a cardboard vending machine as simple or as complicated as you desire, depending on the age of the child that is making it. For a simple version you can use any cardboard box and cut of a flap for the bottom and fill it with treats. Cut in a hole at the top of the box to put the money in and decorate the outside like a vending machine.

Cardboard Flip-Flops

Summer is coming and it’s time to get creative and make yourself your own cardboard flip-flops – however we don’t recommend jumping in the pool in them. These silly but fun cardboard shoes are great for making your way across the garden to your favourite sun lounger.

First, trace around your own foot on a piece of cardboard and then cut around the shape, leaving half an inch of space around it. Puncture 3 holes in the cardboard foot, one in the front towards the middle and the other two either side about 1/3 of the way down. Use elastic to attach, you can decorate with beads to add an extra sparkle and paint the space around the sides to add some extra flare.

Cardboard Laptop

This is great fun for younger children who are watching their parents working from home and want to join in on the fun – make them their own cardboard laptop to tap away on.

Cut out a long rectangle shape and fold it in two. Use a piece of black paper to stick on for the screen and then either draw out your own letter buttons or use pre-printer stickers and let the child play. For some extra fun you can always draw or print out some pretty pictures for the screen instead of leaving it blank.

Cardboard Sword and Shield

Have endless hours of fun with your own cardboard sword and shield. Cut out a shield shape and add some rectangle shapes to the back to have something to hold and decorate the shield any way you like. For the sword you can cut out a sword shape (as big as a short as your prefer) and add extra cardboard around the holder to make it more 3 dimensional. You can add foil to sword to give it a more realistic look or have fun drawing a design and colouring it in to match your shield.

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